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Fisheries and aquaculture

Applied Genomics Ltd

Applied Genomics Ltd delivers environmental DNA-based analysis services for the detection, monitoring and management of biological diversity. Our methods enable you to make improved, data-driven decisions for efficient and cost-effective management of environmental pressures.

With extensive global experience working across many industrial sectors, we are the experts in devising practical solutions for environmental genomics applications. We have proven our technology to be effective in the following applications:

  •  Aquaculture – environmental zone of effect monitoring.
  •  Agriculture – characterisation of soil biodiversity.
  • Fisheries – monitoring fish community diversity and distributions.
  • Contaminated Sites – biodiversity impact analysis.
  • Forestry – habitat analysis and disease monitoring.
  • Ports and Maritime – biosecurity surveillance for invasive non-native species.

Every project presents its own challenges for environmental management. Our team is an extension of yours. Contact us today to see what solutions we can develop for you.