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Our mini:test:100 system offers an easy method to check water hygiene, without sending samples to external laboratories. Users do not need technical skills to operate the system.

Water hygiene is an important factor for the quality of agricultural produce. For intensive livestock production, unclean drinking water affects animal growth. For horticultural products, such as salads and soft fruit, contaminated irrigation or rinsing waters can result in E. coli and other harmful bacteria remaining on the produce supplied to the end consumer.

Brightwater Diagnostics has developed mini:test:100, an on-site microbiological water testing system. By using fluorescent reagents (see picture), it provides easy-to-read quantitative results for the level of E. coli in a 100ml samples of water. The system includes a desktop incubator/reader unit and single-use sample containers. The results are comparable to ISO Standard method 9308-2:2014. Safety is ensured with built-in pasteurisation of the processed samples.

We are seeking distributors with established marketing and sales networks for the agricultural sectors in their countries, with particular emphasis on water supply equipment or analytical instruments.