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Brinsea Products Ltd

Brinsea Products is also a world leading manufacturer of incubation and small animal intensive care equipment.

Brinsea’s TLC Intensive Care Units are used by breeding centres of excellence and a wide range of animal rescue centres and wildlife rehabilitators around the world. The TLC units are suitable for a wide range of domestic and wild animals. They are designed to provide a stable, temperature-controlled environment which provides neonatal and injured animals the ideal environment for recovery.

Brinsea’s branded specialist Vetario Intensive Care Units are designed to suit busy veterinary practices which need equipment to be space efficient, easily cleaned, durable and quick to set up with the minimum of training. The top of the range T40M and T50M models can be safely operated with increased oxygen concentrations to aid recovery. These models have been independently tested by BSI for product safety to the Animal and Medical Incubator Standards.

Our products are subject to a continuous and assessed programme of quality control and we confidently offer a three-year guarantee on all our products. Brinsea has distributors in over 50 countries worldwide.