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Cosy Calf Limited

Cosy Calf Limited was formed in 2012. Cosy Calf is the registered designer and supplier of calf jackets used in the agricultural industry. The product is for use from birth up to around five weeks of age on calves. The benefits of using calf jackets is to make better use of energy from feed for growth rather than warmth thus making cost savings of feed and bedding. The jackets allow for better ventilation in calf rearing areas so as to reduce the outbreaks of pneumonia.

Trials have shown much better growth rates and significantly reduced cases of pneumonia and scours in calves with jackets. Targets of getting heifers into the parlour by two years of age mean that growth rates start from day one. A calf uses 2% of its energy from feed for every 1 ºC below 10 ºC if it is under one month old. Therefore at 0 ºC the calf uses 20% of its energy from feed just to keep warm.

In the UK, the majority of farms now use calf jackets as a matter of protocol on all calves under one month old when the temperature drops below 10 ºC.

A great return on your investment.