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Cropdesk Technologies Ltd

Cropdesk Technologies was founded by a fruit farmer who wanted to automate the collection of data from his farm’s harvest and labour use, and solve pain points of not knowing information until after it was needed in the daily operation of a fresh produce farming operation. Its main market is farmers who use labour to hand harvest their crops. It enables fresh produce farmers to improve efficiency.

Cropdesk Production is a cloud hosted enterprise B2B agri-tech product operating a SAAS business model. It allows fresh produce farmers in both developing and developed countries to collect key data about their daily operations, labour deployment and production, which can be used to become more efficient, produce more food and less waste.

Productivity and time spent per employee, productivity of each field/crop/variety by field/ area/linear metre, even per plant is instantly visible for all operations on every farm in real time from anywhere in the world.
We are constantly innovating with some of the best research in the world to provide complete integrated technology ecosystems for fresh produce farmers around the world.

We will connect other Precision Agriculture applications to Cropdesk to control many other aspects, such as irrigation and climate control, from within our application.