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Evans and Pearce Limited

Trading since 1968, we provide those involved in the production and processing of grain with ventilation products to ensure crops do not spoil whilst in storage.

Poor ventilation of crops post-harvest can result in losses exceeding 50%. Significant investment is often made to improve crop yield and quality. Unfortunately, these crops can be placed into store only to deteriorate due to inadequate ventilation.

Our products introduce low volumes of ambient air into the crop to remove heat but not reduce crop moisture and in turn, preserve crop yield and quality. Systems are modular and range from the manually operated to fully automated stores that ensure cooling air is moved through the crop under optimum conditions.

With a low purchase price and low running cost, Polycool is a modest investment to protect valuable crops whilst in storage.

Our products are recognised for their robust and reliable design. They have been used globally to help cool a wide range of crops including wheat, corn, pulses, peanuts, sunflower and soya.