South West

Glas Data Ltd

Glas Data’s vision is to unite the technological aspects of food production for the benefit of the entire sector. Glas Data’s dashboard – GlasCore – enables agricultural businesses to unify siloed data from many different sources in one place with a single login.

Glas Data has integrated LoRaWAN sensor technology, offering real-time data and alerts from a myriad of business-critical touchpoints such as water monitoring, leak detection, feed silo quantities, milk vat temperatures, animal health and housing metrics, to environmental considerations like ammonia levels and weather station data. Users can easily build a comprehensive picture of their businesses and track trends in the information that is most important to them, whether live feeds, production or geolocated data.

Additionally, GlasCore’s mapping supports land managers in visualising their estates, land parcels and buildings in a multitude of layers, creating an advanced view of their businesses and deployed sensor monitoring as well as crop and sustainability planning.

GlasCore’s simplified workflow, big data and predictive analytics empowers farmers and processors, by saving time whilst supporting greener, more sustainable productivity.