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Aqua Technology

LettUs Grow Ltd

LettUs Grow has designed an indoor farming system that needs no fertile land to operate, uses zero pesticides and provides a climate resilient crop. The offering is centred around two core technologies: an aeroponic system and a farm management software.

The aeroponic system provides a consistent, predictable and climate-resilient food supply all year round. It has shown significant growth rate increases across a range of crops for consumption, propagation and forestry(compared to current vertical farming methods) and uses up to 95% less water and fertiliser than open-field farming.

The easy-to-use software platform, called Ostara, collects data, oversees inputs and crop history, provides data automation, optimisation and business planning tools to farmers, helping to maximise yields while minimising labour and resource use. It collects data from built-in sensors to monitor the growing environment, autonomously controlling factors such as irrigation schedules, temperature, lighting and humidity to optimise growth conditions to specific “crop recipes”.

LettUs Grow’s technology can be applied to urban and traditional farms, food corporations and research centres, the two technologies have also been combined to create a product called DROP & GROW, the UK’s only aeroponic container farm.