South West

Pixalytics Ltd

Pixalytics Ltd, based in Plymouth, is an independent Earth Observation (EO) company specialising in satellite remote sensing. Formed in 2012 we use satellite data and innovative scientific knowledge to provide answers to questions about the planet’s resources and behaviour. The company has science at its heart and is built on knowledge and experience of satellite remote sensing, in both academic and commercial environments. Using our own research and peer-reviewed published papers we develop EO products and services based on cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

Our specialist knowledge in marine and terrestrial EO allows us to offer products for both agriculture and aquaculture applications. We have developed vegetation and water quality mapping products providing the outputs in text files, Excel spreadsheets and GeoTIFF imagery as needed by users with computer to computer interfaces. Current work is focusing on sustainable agriculture, including the effects of climate change through factors such as a lack of soil moisture that can cause water stress.