South West

PRM Waste Systems Ltd

Food Waste and Organics Volume Reduction with the PRM Bio-Processor.

PRM Waste Systems has been established in the waste and recycling market since 1998. Over the last four years our intensive product design and development programme has produced a technically advanced and innovative range of bio-processors.

Benefits include:

  • 80-90 % reduction in food waste volume.
  • 80-90% reduction in truck movements for collection, with associated reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Processing of bio-degradable packaging, accelerated break down within 24 hours, rather than the normal six months, accepted by anaerobic digestion plants.
  • High energy substrate suitable for use in biomass boilers, producing hot air/water and soil enrichment.
  • Developing market for feedstock stabilisation destined for the emerging pharmaceutical, cosmetic, bio-security and bio-degradable plastic packaging manufacturing sectors.
  • Bio-Processors controlled by advanced JEM Logic Control, all operations are controlled and monitored by the software. Every control function relevant to the operation of the bio-processor can be viewed remotely anywhere in the world with the addition of a SIM-card.