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Shearwell Data Ltd

Shearwell Data Ltd (SDL) is an animal identification and software management business, supporting livestock farmers in the UK and overseas. The Shearwell business provides a complete system including sheep and cattle tags (visual and electronic), electronic identification (EID) readers, software, handling systems and technical support.

As a farmer owned family business based in South West England, Shearwell Data understands farmers’ needs and challenges. All products are trialled on our farms before going into production to ensure quality, reliability and ease of use for livestock farmers.

Since 1996, Shearwell Data has been involved in trialling and developing products and software for the livestock industry. The aim is to ultimately support productivity, improve the method and speed of identifying cattle and sheep, and increase the ability to record an animal’s details accurately for management and statutory purposes. EID provides livestock farmers with an in-depth knowledge of an animal’s health and performance, whether for finishing or breeding purposes and is used increasingly by both pedigree and commercial sheep and cattle farmers.

We aim to provide farmers with products and services to gather reliable data that enables them to make informed business decisions and ultimately be more profitable.