South West

Vets Global Ltd trading as Verifac Veterinary Computers

Verifac is the world’s longest-serving veterinary practice management software provider. In business for over 40 years, we support veterinary practices worldwide. Verifac is a small British family business which prides itself on excellent customer service and exceptional software that exceeds our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our Evolution system pioneered many of the features that people now take for granted. Never standing still, Evolution does exactly what the name suggests – to stay as the foremost practice management system.

This year we are introducing another global ‘first’ – Lycus. This system uses artificial intelligence to automatically handle many of the day-to-day management functions, constantly learning as it works. Lycus also integrates online consultations and although perfect for practices of all sizes, it has been optimized to greatly add efficiency savings for larger group practices.

Although designed for veterinary hospitals, Lycus will work admirably in all types of medical establishments wherever you are in the world.