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Water Powered Technologies Ltd

Water Powered Technologies Ltd is a UK company that designs products for zero carbon water solutions. The Papa Pump is a water pump that uses no fuel or electricity – it is powered simply by available flowing water such as a stream or river. The Papa Pump is a new generation of hydro ram, using a patented in-line design and hi-tech non-corrosive material to produce a smaller, lighter and more efficient pump than the equivalent traditional metal ram pump.  The only moving parts are the unique rubber valves, which dramatically reduce maintenance costs.

The Papa Pump can replace diesel and electric pumps to save fuel, utility costs and time spent on maintenance and repairs. In addition to the considerable financial advantages, the Papa Pump is the most environmentally friendly pump on the market. It uses no fuel, emits no carbon, and (unlike a borehole) uses available surface water without impacting on underground aquifers.  Water is pumped and stored when plentiful and then used in dry periods. It therefore reduces water levels in flood and reduces abstraction during drought.

Water Powered Technologies believe that sustainable ‘pump and store’ water systems and responsible water usage are essential for a world where water supplies are becoming increasingly scarce and ‘zero carbon’ water pumping offers a viable solution.