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Xcelbio Ltd

Xcelbio is a 100% natural biological accelerator, which consists of micro-organisms, micro-nutrients, co-factors and phages, which have been developed through years of experimentation and research, to greatly increase yields without the use of chemical fertilisers.

We are the only company offering this unique bio-enhancement technology, which can increase your efficiency and output and, reduce environmental impact.

Applications include:

  • Egg production – biologically clean water feed lines, replace chemicals, increase egg yields, generally improve flock health.
  • Hydroponics – remove slime and bio-film in pipework and growing tanks, increase yields by 25-30%.
  • Agriculture – recondition soil, improve root structure and increase root mass, increase yields by 25-30%
  • Aquaculture – biologically clean water, remove ammonia and scale fungus, improve fish quality.
  • Biogas plants – increase biogas output, stabilize biology, reduce feed stock and maintain output.

Please contact us to discuss how we can design a bespoke formula that addresses your particular requirements.

We are currently seeking a licensee partner and we would welcome contact from any interested parties.