Agri Tech Trade Mission to Turkey

1st to 5th Feb

The UK Department for International Trade based in Izmir organised a British Pavilion at Agro Expo for high tech UK companies working in the agricultural industry, included in the mission was a highly successful B2B morning on day 2 of the expo and a very interesting site visit to Turkeys biggest poultry processor their feed mills and R& D facility.

The Izmir branch of Turkeys Chamber of Commerce organised in partnership with the British Embassy a networking evening where our companies met with some important decision makers who made invitations for our companies to make a return visit latter this year with itineraries to be arranged to suit our companies needs, co-ordinated by our embassy.

Seven UK high tech companies took advantage of the programme

Agribot AI

Croda Chemicals


EmTech Hatchery Systems

Entocycle Ltd

Genus plc

Legume Technology

Further details of these companies can be found on this website

Also in attendance was a staff member from UKTAG to support the DIT team

Turkey puts Agri Tech and food security as of high importance within its Government and is keen to see it taking up technology to improve its outputs and cut the carbon footprint and recognise the important contribution that the UK industry can make in helping them achieve a more profitable and sustainable agricultural industry

I am very grateul to Guliz Kiymaz and Nuh Ustav from our embassy for organising this event and the support that they gave to all of us during our visit and am pleased to report that with their continued support we will be given the opportunity to attend another exhibition GrowTech in November