UK genetics: the foundation of modern livestock farming

A rapidly growing global population with changing dietary demands and more variable climate conditions means new food production systems with less impact on the environment will be required.

To meet this challenge, the UK has much to offer:

  • As home to world-class science with some of the world’s leading livestock and genetics companies, Universities and Research Centres;
  • With a progressive livestock industry where farmers are drawing on new genetics and innovation to improve farming systems by reducing inputs and maximising yields to meet consumer demand with more profit and increasing profitability.
  • By creating a dynamic business environment, encouraging investment in science and innovation through Intellectual Property (IP), Patent Box and measurements/standards.

The UK’s livestock and genetics industry is viewed as scientifically progressive, technically advanced and environmentally responsible. The industry is helping to introduce new pioneering technologies into UK and worldwide livestock production systems which ultimately produce the food products that consumers want and need, with strong quality and animal welfare standards.

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading pig, cattle, sheep and poultry breeding companies whilst continuing to maintain one of the most diverse inventories of farm animal genetic resources. More than 235 native breeds are listed in the UK Country Report on Farm Animal Genetic Resources 2012.

This success embodies the Royal Society’s description of ‘sustainable intensification’ as a process in which ‘yields are increased without adverse environmental impact and without the cultivation of more land.’

The UK’s livestock and genetics industry helps to underpin this industry and has achieved significant improvement since the turn of the 21st century.

UK Capability in Livestock & Genetics

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