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The UK  has been at the forefront of developing technology for agricultural systems adapted to world climates for many generations and continues to host world leading research institutions and agricultural universities. Development of the UK Agri-Tech sector has been driven by consumer needs, coupled with a rapid uptake of innovation by the farming community in the UK and overseas.

In recent times, British Agri Tech and livestock genetics companies have shown an appetite to meet new overseas contacts that can import, distribute or retail their produce across the world.

As a trade association, our mission in UKTAG is to promote easier access to the UK offer of innovative technology and services. This searchable directory for a global audience of multipliers, agents and customers, has been developed in partnership with The Agricultural Engineers Association and The Commercial Horticultural Association.

All three associations are accredited with the UK Department for International Trade, organising a comprehensive programme of inward and outward trade missions as well as UK displays and seminars at key events and tradeshows at home and abroad.


Only UK registered companies can be part of the website but anyone may ask a question of people who are featured on the web portal.

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