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ALVÁTECH Sustainable water treatment

The impact of climate change is being felt by farmers, worldwide.

The most common land degradation process, soil salinization is the excessive accumulation of soluble a non-soluble salts in the soil. The toxic salt limits  plants’ ability to absorb water and minerals from the soil, plant growth and destroys the soil structure – resulting in far lower farm productivity.

Dehydration and salt poisoning can occur if livestock consume excessively saline water. When water quality is poor, livestock may drink less or stop drinking altogether. This means they eat less, lose condition and become susceptible to illness. The UN report that if animals drink saline groundwater, milk production will be reducing by 50% – hitting global dairy farmers hard.

The Solution

Believed to be the first chemical-free water treatment technology, ALVÁTECH pioneered, developed and manufacture an affordable, sustainable water treatment agri-tech solution. Designed by farmers for farmers, the technology mitigates the effects of climate change, water scarcity and soil salinization whilst boosting farm productivity and profit.

The solar-powered technology disrupts the behaviour of the water molecules, breaking down the salt crystals without the use of chemicals or generation of harmful by-products. This allows the farmer to use all available water sources.

The ALVÁTECH team.

With over 25 years’ experience in agronomy, farm and water management and technology development, ALVÁTECH have developed a global presence in under two years – now providing sustainable agri-tech in 27 countries, across 6 continents. They aim to scale to 30 countries within the next 12 months to help millions of farmers worldwide effectively manage climate change, increasing productivity and farm profit.

ALVÁTECH does not lose sign of the societal problems it exists to solve. ALVA devices help to solve the global food and nutrition security crisis – by restoring the biodiversity,  support production of nutrient-dense fruit and veg along with the long-term benefits for the farmland.

Ensuring the long-term survival of the farm also prevents negative migration and rural decline. It helps communities capitalize on new on and off-farm opportunities as a result of urban population.

ALVÁTECH help farmers grow more, make more and save their soil and 20% avg valuable water.