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Concept Dairy

Concept Dairy is a technology led platform bringing equity through price transparency to the dairy sector.  To create the transformational change needed to achieve a stronger more sustainable supply chain, we work across the full dairy supply chain from farmer, to processor, to buyer.

Farmers: the free Concept Dairy price-locking app gives farmers live, accurate prices straight to their phone.  Farmers can lock-in their milk price when they choose, for up to two years into the future.

Processors: Through the Concept Dairy Risk Management Platform, for the first time, dairy processors have the tools to be able to understand and manage their price risk effectively and consistently, minimising their risk and maximising profit opportunities.

Buyers: We work with Buyers to connect them into the supply chain so they can lock-in their margins while giving their farmers fair and transparent prices, and increased provenance for customers.

Everyone in dairy benefits from Concept Dairy.