East of England

Delta-T Devices

Delta-T Devices is one of the world’s leading providers of soil moisture and precision irrigation measurement technology. We have a wide range of accurate and reliable (analogue & SDI-12) soil sensors and data loggers plus a state-of-the-art cloud-based remote data viewing solution. 

Our products include The WET Sensor & SDI-12 WET150 Sensor, which measure three crucial variables that influence plant growth – the moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity (EC) of soils and substrates. These sensors are used by growers to guide fertigation decisions and to establish and maintain optimal growing conditions. 

Our versatile PR2 Profile Probe provides accurate readings of soil moisture at fixed depths down to 1 metre – and can be installed for continuous monitoring (attached to a data logger), or used as a portable device with the handheld HH2 instant readout meter.

Another of our key products is the GP2 Data Logger and Controller – which is compatible with most sensor types and is ideal for horticulture. The GP2 has 12 differential channels, powerful controller functionality and has SDI-12 capability. Sophisticated programs can be easily created via a simple scripting editor. 

Our powerful online data sharing and management platform is named DeltaLINK-Cloud. It enables growers and greenhouse managers to monitor, organise and share their sensor data with ease. Live data can be viewed remotely on mobile devices via animated dashboards at any time and at any location.