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Eqidiet(UK) Ltd

Equidiet (UK) Ltd, the specialists in Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy, which is ‘the ability of a good quality, natural fibre liquid feed to deliver an adequate level of hydration to an equine to balance body fluid’. All our patented products contain only natural ingredients, no GMO’s, chemicals, additives or supplements and when mixed with the correct ratio of water, produces a natural soluble fibre gel that suspends the particles of fibre and other nutrients within it.

Our formulations provides a simultaneous nutrition and hydration delivery system to equines, ruminants and mono-gastric animals in the form of a completely natural, fibre based liquid feed which can help to prevent digestive issues and dehydration allowing replenishment and hydration of animals before, during and after travelling; whilst working or competing or whenever you require them to take on fluids.