Engineering and precision farming
UK Technology for Agriculture and Genetics


Founded in 2013, IGS ( has brought together decades of farming and engineering experience to create an AGRI-TECH business with a vision to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges and to revolutionize the indoor growing market.  We launched our first vertical farming demonstration facility in August 2018. This is a 4x9m tower facility with the capacity to grow up to 80 tonnes of crops/year. In this environment, IGS uses Total Control Environment Agriculture (TCEA) to manage each element of the growth cycle and all environmental inputs. Intelligent systems determine optimal recipes of weather: lighting, watering, and ventilation as well as applying nutrition. Data is collected continuously, and machine learning makes iterative adjustments, all of which are monitored through a web-based app. The whole Intelligent Growth platform is IOT-enabled to automate system control and management. Our degree of control is so fine that each 6m2 growth tray has its microclimate. Technical simplicity is at the heart of our mechanical design.