South West

Next-generation IoT Satellite Connectivity for Precise Agriculture

Smartellite™ IoT terminals solve the growing demand for connectivity from today’s agricultural industries in the remotest of locations where conventional 5g / 4g does not exist but require connectivity and communications with their assets and field monitoring systems.

Today’s farmers require constant and continuous connection and communication with their assets and field monitoring systems, including environmental monitoring, automatic irrigation systems, harvest management and power consumption of machines and facilities.

Stay connected! Wherever your sensors are

The ultimate solution for IoT / M2M requirements, the Smartellite™ Fixed enables constant connectivity for IoT applications in remote locations. Monitor and control your IoT system wherever it is.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Transmission of environmental conditions (precipitation, temperature, humidity, Co2, wind speed, etc.)
  • Automatic Irrigation control and monitoring systems
  • Greenhouse management
  • Open field management
  • Monitoring of power production/consumption of solar panels
  • Harvest and crop management
  • Increased food and crop productivity
  • Fuel consumption, maintenance and location transmission for tracking of light / heavy machinery
  • Robust terminals for challenging environments and extreme conditions
  • Supports anti-theft and vandalism of security systems
  • Remote personnel voice calls and text messages via a dedicated app (for Android & iPhone)