East of England
Arable crops

SugaROx Ltd

We are a spin-out from Oxford University and Rothamsted Research on a mission to develop biostimulants to improve the productivity, efficiency, resilience, and sustainability of crop production. We have exclusive access to a game-changing single molecule biostimulant platform, and we are at pre-commercial stage.

Our most advanced area of R&D is a biostimulant for wheat. Field trials conducted in the UK in 2022 show potential to boost wheat yields by up to 22%. Proof-of-concept on other crops has been obtained for barley, millet, and sorghum (under controlled conditions) and will be expanded to soybean, maize, tomatoes, and strawberries this year.

The end-users for our products are farmers but we will deploy a B2B business model working with companies that have established distribution channels to sell our products in key markets. If you fit that profile, get in touch with our Business Development Director to open a dialogue with us: https://www.linkedin.com/in/biancaforte/.