The Royal Three Counties Show 2024

The Royal Three Counties Show 2024

Sunday 16th June representatives from the Kazak and Uzbek embassies in London made the journey to Malvern to be hosted by the Royal Three Counties Show.

With the generosity of the CEO David Prescott and the TCAS, two representatives were invited to view the livestock and machinery at the agricultural event at Malvern.

UKTAG arranged for them to be met and hosted by Rob Grinnall UKTAG and Svetlana Collier who acted as interpreter and regional expert.

The show organisers invited them to join the Show President and Vice-Presidents on a tour of the livestock lines and then a lunch with the Chairman of Council, Mr Roger Phillips.

This was intended to be a tester for future collaboration between the show and Central Asia.  The show would like to explore the possibility of an international exhibition of agriculture where delegates can see UK farming and also display their countries products and tourism.

Agriculture seems to be an international community and collaboration can only bring about benefits for all participants in the sharing of knowledge.

Already there has been positive feedback from the embassies, who would like to begin planning for 2025 and a greater presence.

With grateful thanks to The Three Counties Agricultural Society and UKTAG for their work together on this new venture.

Mr Henry Berkley (President RTCS), Mr Islom Orifjonov (Uzbekistan), Mr Roger Phillips (Chairman of Council), Mrs Svetlana Collier (Consultant UKTAG), Dr Rob Grinnall (RTCS & Consultant UKTAG), Mr  Nurmakhambet Smagul (Kazakhstan).