UK Agri-Tech

The challenge for farmers in the UK and across the world will be to produce increasing quantities of nutritious and healthy food, while at the same time making significant environmental gains including improving soils, saving water and reducing carbon emissions. New developments in science and technology from robotics to sensors to big data are rapidly changing the way farmers will farm in the future which can help make this vision a reality.

Agri-Tech is an incredibly diverse sector from any technological or science-based innovation or practice utilised to improve the productivity and sustainability of agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and forestry. In addition, Agri-Tech includes on-site storage and processing of food and non-food products; and animal health/ welfare of farmed livestock and fish, companion animals and horses.

Agri-Tech underpins agriculture in rural areas across the entire UK through different production systems with livestock in Northern Ireland, Wales, West and South West, arable in the North East and East, and aquaculture in Dorset and Scotland.

Agri-Tech companies are well distributed across the UK regions with 17 of the 38 Local Enterprise Partners (LEPs), having a focus and interest in Agri-Tech. In addition, to the Trade Challenge Partners hosting this website, the International Trade Advisers (ITAs), on behalf of the Department for International Trade are available to support companies in their regions with their expertise in trade services.

The Department for Business and Trade

The Agri-Tech Team for the UK Department for International Trade is the centre of excellence and first port of call for overseas companies looking for investment opportunities in the UK and for UK-based companies seeking to expand their international business.

The team champions the role of Agri-Tech in strengthening agri-business success in both UK exports and investment and helps drive sustainable intensification of agriculture to provide global access to sufficient, safe, healthy food. The team has experience and knowledge in business, academia and government across the UK global Agri-Tech sector. Key areas of focus are plant sciences, animal health and genetics, aquaculture and precision

agriculture, but other value opportunities are supported on request. The DIT Agri-Tech Team leverages Government support to address barriers to trade and accelerate routes to market for companies looking to export new products in new markets. Also, as part of the UK Department for International Trade, the Agri-Tech Team draws on the expertise of DIT’s global network of in-country experts in over 100 markets.