Agri-Business opportunities in Poland, which will take place online on Monday, 27th June at 3.00PM BST.

You are invited to welcoming you to our discussion on Agri-Tech sector and opportunities for companies from the UK, which are awaiting for you in Poland.

The world’s agri-food industry is systematically evolving and becoming increasingly open to modern technologies. The challenges faced by companies in the agri sector include meeting social objectives, reducing negative environmental impacts, attracting skilled workers and meeting the diverging expectations of producers and buyers and processors. It requires creating a long-term development strategy and its constant adaptation to the changing needs of the market. It is not enough to follow the beaten track. This in turn creates enormous potential for the implementation of various solutions created by innovative companies like yours.  

The global agri market will undergo a major transformation in the coming years in Poland. We believe that autonomous vehicles and robotization will become an everyday reality in a dozen or so years’ time, and we are already witnessing the first examples of this. Technologies from the area of autonomous equipment, which will monitor fields, dose necessary substances or weed, will gain the most importance. Indoor cultivation will become more common. In the perspective of these several years, this change will be most visible in Poland and we think now there is an ideal opportunity for the UK companies to enter the Polish market.  

Join us to hear more at 3.00pm on Monday, 27th June on MS Teams using the link below:

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Prosperity Team Poland Agri-Tech Lead: Paulina Wozniak – DIT Poland Agri-Tech Lead: Magda Mariankowska  

Main Forthcoming Events: 

  • AGRO-TECH Fair (02-03.07.2022): The main goal of the AGRO-TECH Fair is to present the latest technical solutions and breeding achievements in plant and animal production, as well as to support the modernization and development processes of farms.  

  • AgroShow 2022 (23-25.09.2022): Agro is showing the companies news of Poland and internationals related to sectors Fish, Forest industries, Fishing, Agriculture, Horticulture, and Farming. 
  • Agro-Park Agricultural Fairs (14-15.10.2022): The event provides advice on the latest technologies and solutions used in agriculture, including in the field of plant cultivation or animal husbandry. Speakers consist of polish importers and distributors of machines etc.