Tackling grand challenges for livestock and aquatic food production

One of the 4 UK Agri-Tech Centres, funded by Innovate UK, CIEL is the UK’s livestock innovation Centre. It is the front door to a collaborative network of expertise, helping to bring new technologies and processes to livestock and aquatic food production within the UK and worldwide.

CIEL supports world-leading change in livestock research, technology and food production

From developing climate smart food systems and enhancing animal health, to improving animal welfare and productivity, CIEL is working with businesses to help identify, develop and deliver new products, processes and technologies for a greener, more productive, more resilient food supply chain.

Membership of CIEL helps you take your business further faster

CIEL brings together an active network of Industry Members spanning the food supply chain, including producers, processors, retailers, veterinary health, feed companies and SME innovators, all with an interest in R&D and improving food systems.

CIEL Members benefit from tailored support to build the best project consortia, facilitated access to specialist research capability, exclusive member events and the inside track on funding opportunities.

We offer your business the chance to find new ways to identify and solve complex challenges by speeding up the translation of ideas into innovative supply chain solutions and we work on your behalf to inform and influence industry and regulatory priorities.

“Our CIEL Membership has exceeded all expectations. We are extremely grateful for all the help that we get and the very fast turnaround of feedback on our grant application. The support from CIEL is above and beyond and we’re very excited to work on the next project”
Antler Bio

Access the research capability you need

CIEL connects industry with world-class research capability and insight. Notable research capability within the alliance that is spearheaded by CIEL includes:

CIEL is an independent, trusted source of knowledge and guidance

If you have a great idea which will help the livestock or aquaculture sectors become more productive, profitable and sustainable, but are not sure where to begin, start by getting in touch with CIEL.

Whether it’s a scoping study, feasibility assessment, or simply needing the latest insight into the agri or aqua food R&D pipeline, CIEL can help.

You may be looking to break into a new market with a new or existing product. A CIEL-led market study is informed by our own insight and knowledge, drawing on a broad range of commercial and research partners. 

Or, when it comes to project development, we’re on hand to shape and inform study direction and bring you together with the right project partners.

Once you’re all set for project delivery, CIEL is ideally setup to manage the process, ensuring your project remains on track and to budget.

Find out more at www.cielivestock.co.uk or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.