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AND Technology Research

AND Technology Research is a purpose-led technology and product development consultancy that has been turning ideas into reality for over 40 years – delivering on true technology innovation. We partner with companies of all sizes – predominately within the AgriTech sensing and medical device industry – during any stage of the product lifecycle, and help them achieve their vision through hands-on, integrated consultancy.

Since our conception in 1980 by Dr Valerie Lynch, we have been involved in over 350 projects, from the first-ever holographic imaging solution in surgical care to life-saving equipment for firefighters; from remote blood cell counting device to a movement sensing insole.

What distinguishes us from the noise is our commitment to producing technology FOR good and technology that IS good. This “Good Tech, Tech For Good” vision is outlined in our company ethics, and is something I have passionately instilled in our staff. A current example of this is our ground-breaking sustainable battery-less demonstrators that are leading the charge against the environmental problems associated with one-use batteries. This has led to a strong presence in the sustainable sensors and  IoT market, and we are now a leading design partner with Renesas Electronics (net worth: $7.1B) for their battery-less electronics range going forward.

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