ARGiP Technologies Ltd

ARGiP Technologies was founded in 2014 in Whitland, Wales , thanks to the shared vision of a group of biochemical entrepreneurs.

With their expertise and a hunger for Research and Development, the company has since developed unique manufacturing processes that provides innovative solutions to customers undertaking analytical testing, cosmetics, veterinary services and those operating within the food sector.

ARGiP’s main products are:

  • Pepsin – a proteolytic enzyme with is produced using swine stomach.
  • Omentum – known for its to therapeutic characteristics, produced from swine fat
  • Snail Slime – also used for its therapeutic characteristics, produced from snails

Pepsin is mainly used for Trichinella control and detecting hazardous elements (parasites, dangerous residues) but also used to digest biological tissues, clotting of milk for certain cheeses, preparation of fish meal and food supplements.

Omentum and Snail Slime are known to exhibit multiple therapeutic characteristics, with scientists continuing to discover their remarkable benefits.