Northern Ireland

AW Control Systems Ltd

AW Control Systems is a leading Northern Irish company specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of automated control systems.  We have an international customer base and are proud of the quality of our service and high standards of workmanship.  Our existing client base includes customers in the following sectors; Sand and Quarry, Food Manufacturing and Production, Recycling, Renewables, Water and Waste Water Treatment, Animal Feed Milling and Refrigeration. At the core of our business we see innovation and development as the keys to our success. We have invested in the training of our staff to ensure that they have the skills and design creativity to be able to assist our customers to identify the most effective control panel concepts.  Our strengths lie in the quality of our product, our high service standards, our innovation and design capabilities and the fact that we offer all our customers a complete commissioning and after sales service.