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Baker Consultants Ltd

Baker Consultants is an industry-leading and multiple award-winning ecological consultancy based in the UK. Established in 2008, we work on a wide range of projects in housing, energy, leisure and land management. Our project experience include some of the UK’s largest civil engineering schemes, such as Hinkley C nuclear power station, down to individual barn conversions.

In the past ten years, the company has developed a comprehensive bioacoustic service for assessing and monitoring biodiversity.  We are industry leaders in this area, having completed a number of research projects on the use of bioacoustics as a more cost -effective and objective replacement for conventional ecological surveys. Baker Consultants’ Director of Bioacoustics, Dr Carlos Abrahams, received his PhD in this subject area, and in 2021 he wrote the bioacoustics chapter for a Defra research report looking into novel techniques for monitoring agri-environment schemes.

In recent years Baker Consultants has developed techniques and hardware for the use of soil bioacoustics in monitoring soil health.  This pioneering work has attracted international attention, and in 2022 we were commissioned by Moët Hennessy to commence bioacoustic monitoring of vineyards within the Champagne region, following their move to regenerative viniculture management for all their maisons. Baker Consultants has filed a patent for a device to measure soil bioacoustics, that will provide a cheap and simple way to collect the data required to monitor soil bioacoustic health in the field.