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Biocore Agri

Biocore Agri is a UK manufacturer of a highly nutritious fish hydrolysate, that is used as a liquid organic approved soil improver/ fertiliser that supports high yields, restores depleted soils and provides a strong alternative to chemical based fertiliser. 
Our technology is now Patent Pending and approved by the Soil Association as an organic input.

Our Mission is to continue helping farmers on their journey towards implementing regenerative farming practices and improving on traditional fertiliser regimes. We are about ensuring human activity works in harmony with nature and that we can boost our natural capital.

Our flagship solution, Biocore Land, provides the nutrition that is needed to restore depleted to soils to a healthy status. This allows vegetation to be fully nourished with a wide arrange of micro and macro trace elements and is readily available to be broken down in supporting plant growth and crop yields. It is great for rejuvenating neglected land and allowing the crop to call upon all the natural minerals and vitamins deeper held deeper in the soil. 

We are proud to be on the forefront of the regenerative agricultural movement with our Fish Hydrolysate and will continue building on our natural capital assets.