Biome Algae Limited

Biome Algae is an ambitious start-up operating seaweed farms in the UK and has quickly become an industry leader. Our mission is to produce and process high-quality seaweed and extracts. We target circular-economy market sectors, working with customers to solve important societal and environmental issues through seaweed use. Examples include food security, plastic alternatives, and reduced or avoided carbon emissions. This approach magnifies Biome’s sustainability impact. Led by CEO Dr Angela Mead, Biome focuses on business-for-change and creating a sustainable green future from blue growth. We farm seaweed in South-West waters, measuring the benefits of farming on the marine environment and local community. Biome is successfully farming 100 tonnes of seaweed this season, securing first revenues through the application of our innovative and unique farm model. We will scale up our operations and impacts, by producing 6,000 tonnes of seaweed and opening a revolutionary processing and biorefining facility by 2025.