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British Wagyu Breeders Association

The British Wagyu Breeders Association was established in 2014 by a group of Wagyu breeders and enthusiasts from around the UK, its aim being to promote British Wagyu beef and represent the interests of its Members at home and abroad. Now with 200 commercial and pedigree Members, we can facilitate international sales of British Wagyu beef, genetics (semen and embryos) and breeding animals. In 2020, we put in place a British Wagyu Quality Assurance scheme to promote and enhance our brand – the pillars of which are branded animal ear tags, animal identification and traceability through DNA verification and a trademarked logo – all aimed at building a British Wagyu premium brand in the eyes of our customers and industry stakeholders. We are founding members of the World Wagyu Council (WWC), established to promote the Wagyu product and brand on a global scale, and to help facilitate knowledge exchange and technical research internationally.