West Midlands
Engineering and precision farming

Cornerstone Systems

We manufacture temperature and humidity monitoring and control systems specifically designed for bulk vegetable (Potatoes, carrots, etc.) and grain storage. Our wireless systems offer unparalleled safety, accuracy and reliability in stacked box and loose product stores.

Our Crop Sense system can be configured to monitor many environmental parameters including: crop temperature and humidity, ambient temperature and humidity, CO2 and energy utilisation and generation.

The control software aims to provide the lowest possible energy usage while maintaining the required crop storage environment according to your requirements.

Almost all of our larger systems are made bespoke to suit the varying requirements of our customers, working with your existing systems and expanding with your vegetable crop storage requirements.

Key Features and Benefits:

Robust Design and Manufacture

Secure, Full System Remote Accessibility

Automated Email and Texts

Battery Backup

Full Turnkey Solution

Intelligent Control for Power Efficiency

In-House Customisable System Software

Integral Monitoring, Control and Data Storage


Designed and built in the UK, Cornerstone Systems offers the full package using our own engineers. From design and build, through to installation and long-term servicing of your CropSense systems. We even offer customisation of systems to meet your specific requirements.