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Creative Composites

Creative Composites is recognised as the UK’s most advanced composite manufacturer. Working with the world’s most demanding brands, we design and manufacture some of the most complex composite SMC components.  Our clients include world leading OEM’s within the automotive, off-highway vehicle, bus, rail, medical, energy and construction sectors and products range from Class A exterior body panels for high performance cars to bonnets for construction equipment and components for medical scanners.

Creative Composites operates the largest compression moulding presses in the UK, and our advanced quality technology guarantees the highest standards of dimensional accuracy, surface finish and repeatability. We are always striving to set new standards, and our continual investment in improvement means as a company we constantly provide technically superior products in line with our customers project timing plans.

The agriculture and rural development market is also realising the benefits of composite GRP in the use of farm machinery and vehicle covers, in addition Creative Composites has the expertise to develop and design a wide range of reinforced, durable products including but not exclusive to :



Water/Sewage storage tanks

Door skins