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CROP IQ TECHNOLOGY is a leader in manufacturing and introducing environmentally friendly novel and conventional IPM, bio stimulants and biofertilizer products to develop immunity of the plant against Abiotic and Biotic stresses and to control insect pests and pathogens.

Our Research and Development strategies centre on Utilising non-toxic/low toxicity controlled release insect pheromones, kairomones, natural repellents, natural/low risk insecticides.

Through our knowledgeproducts and solutions, we are well positioned to address some of the major global challenges of the organic farming, particularly within food, environment and resources, which also represent business opportunities.

Our products and innovations:

IQLURE is an brand name of Crop IQ Technology for a wide range of monitoring pheromones and attractants lures for integrated pest management, consisted of more than 300 product for 300 deferent strategic pest.

IQ BIO-DEAD New exclusive novel crop protection technology consist of a unique blend of botanicals, green chemicals and bio stimulants without any residuals and no PHI.

IQ BIOSTIM  a unique portfolio of world-class bio stimulants include a wide range of products, based on Microalgae and natural stimulants, customised different formulations for each specific stress conditions facing the plant, favouring the mechanisms plants have to overcome these stress factors.

And, IQ GEL range is environmentally friendly crop protection solution, classified as attract and kill technique to control key pests, a new breakthrough in sustainable pest control, a unique formulation combining a specific pheromone with a contact insecticide in a proactive slow release gel-like base. It has no negative effect on beneficial insects, allowing them to increase their population, which assists in controlling the target pest only.

Recently, Crop IQ has got licence PATENT technology having innovative means to release chemical composition as new revisionary environmentally friendly crop protection principle for many strategic pests and looking forward to a distributors throughout worldwide.