Northern Ireland

Cunningham Covers

The Cunningham Slurry Store Cover system is a fully engineered solution for covering circular above ground slurry stores. Manufactured in our reinforced dung resistant PVC coated polyester membrane, fully KIWA approved and tried and tested throughout the UK And Europe. The cover is reinforced with industrial webbing belts, fixed to bespoke stainless-steel fixings and stainless steel ‘top hat’ supported by a tropical hardwood centre post. The Cover system can increase the actual slurry capacity up to 30%, keeping unwanted rainwater out reducing the time and cost associated with spreading rainwater normally collected by the tank. The cover reduces odours and other emissions, while also increasing nutrient levels within the slurry. Ammonia emissions reduced by 85-90%, with nitrogen retention increased by up to 10%.  Our slurry storage covers also help to heighten farm safety standards, achieve best available technique for slurry stores and, enable end users to comply with the government’s environmental permit for intensive farming, SSAFO and NVS regulations.  Environmental agencies recommend that all slurry stores are now covered.