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Dairylight Ltd

Dairylight Ltd is a UK based Agritech company developing, manufacturing and distributing LED light solutions for the Dairy and equestrian industry.
Dairylight has researched and developed a unique LED light product which delivers both blue enriched white (day) light and red (night) light in 1 unit. Together with a control system and light harvesting sensor it becomes a fully automated lighting system for indoor dairy and beef herds.
Over 12 years of research, studies and independent testing our technology has proven to deliver results by increasing yields, improving wellbeing and fertility of cows, reducing carbon footprint and boosting profits.
Poor lighting has been shown in numerous studies to suppress milk yield and productivity in dairy herds.
Typical milk yield response of 1.5-3 litres/day/cow is expected on farms that uses Dairylight.
Dairylight is the UK’s biggest supplier of this technology and has nationwide distributors In UK with increasing international sales. Increasing international sales and distribution is a priority.
The Dairylight luminaire is the only UK product eligible for the 2024 DEFRA (Department of environment, food and rural affairs) grant for lightning for cattle housing in that it is: IP69 rated, specifically designed for cattle housing, omits both blue enriched white DAY light and red Night light in one unit, is flicker free and delivers >150 lux at eye level.
We also sell into the equestrian industry under the name, both in UK and internationally, Horses benefit from improved fertility, performance, condition and coat.