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Dairymaster UK Ltd.

Dairymaster’s vision is to be the world’s most dynamic, innovative and customer-focused dairy technology company. Their product range encompasses five key areas: Milking Equipment; Automated Feeding Systems; Manure Scrapers; Cow Health & Fertility Monitoring as well as Milk Cooling and Heat Recovery technology.

Dairymaster continues to introduce new ideas and technology to the dairy farming industry. Farmers using their technology can increase milk yields, reduce milking times, cut energy costs, decrease labour and improve herd health and conception rates and much more. Looking to the future and the challenges ahead motivates them to innovate and innovation inspires them to continue building better products.

Their drive to succeed is strengthened by the popularity of their products all around the world. They place huge emphasis on Research and Development in order to provide the most technologically advanced, high performance equipment bringing optimum efficiency and utmost comfort for operator and cow.

Dairymaster has attained national and international acclaim for providing hi-tech dairy solutions and is recognised as one of the world’s most innovative companies in agriculture having won numerous awards worldwide for its product range.

Their objective is to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable.