Commercial Horticultural Association


Drawing upon 30 years’ experience within the horticultural, agricultural and garden retail trade our products are designed and fabricated with skill and confidence. Specific to the Horticultural sector, Ellipse Fabrications Ltd’s range extends from Single span through to Multi Span and Ultra Span polytunnels. Our range of single span polytunnels are ideal for small to medium scale commercial growers. Our range of multi span polytunnels are ideal for those looking to utilise an area as no ground is lost between the structure as they are a continually joined. Our Ultra Span Polytunnels are available as either single or multi bay structures. They are ideal for larger commercial growers or retail nurseries. The Ultra Span is the largest Polytunnel in our Commercial Polytunnel Range. The design combines the traditional hoops and bracing of a polytunnel with box section posts and beams.