Northern Ireland
Engineering and precision farming

Erth Engineering Ltd

Erth Engineering Ltd designs and manufactures a range of agricultural machinery. We pride ourselves on our innovation and we never aim to do the same as other manufacturers, we are always looking to do better. All our machines are simple, functional, reliable and robust. We have global sourcing for the best quality parts and use state of the art fabrication methods to manufacture all our products in house. Our two main products are the Agriseeder seed drill and Panbuster subsoiler.
The Agriseeder direct drill is perfect for sowing grass, clover, fodder crops, cover crops, setaside mixes and cereals into existing swards or burn off.  Our Panbuster subsoiler improves drainage and aeration and reduces ground compaction.
We sell our products direct to customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and we also have distributors in the UK and across the world including France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Chile, New Zealand and Australia.