East of England
Engineering and precision farming

Griffith Elder & Co Ltd

Who we are:

We are designers and manufacturers of rugged accurate weighing systems for heavy industrial use.

We are able to provide a solution which will suit many weighing requirements over a wide range of industries with special focus on Agricultural sector


What we do:

We specialise in providing high quality equipment that has a very long trouble-free service life and provide a full range of services from supplying parts only to a full turn-key solution.



Why use us:

40+ years of UK design, manufacture & supply.

Our dedicated in house manufacture & development allows us to have complete control of our products and guarantees that we can support our customers throughout the long life of their weighing system.

Customer focused across multiple sectors, we supply our products and services direct to our customer, via distributors and to OEM’s. This enables us to utilise the feedback and experiences to continually improve our weighing solutions.

We focus on making technically capable products that provide a solution as simply as possible.

Setup is minimised which makes our products easy to install without specialist tools or knowledge.

Operation is always simple and logical reducing operator training to almost nil.

Our weighing systems work for years with minimal maintenance and service contracts are  not necessary.