South West
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Huish Pedigree Sheep

The Huish sheep enterprise totals approximately 1200 breeding ewes. This is split between 500 Pedigree Poll Dorset ewes, specialising in out of season lambing, selling rams and females which like all the sheep on the farm are performance recorded. In 2021 the flock was recognised as the champion large flock in the UK.
200 Suffolk/Aberblack ewes have been developed with finer bone for lambing ease and greater conformation which has proved attractive with their fast growth rate for the commercially minded customer. 
500 Exlana wool shedding ewes (an open composite developed by SIG)are bred for minimal Shepherding and efficient use of poorer pasture alongside normal rotational farming. The minimal shepherding encompasses reduced worming with greater worm tolerance managed by the use of fectal egg counting. Also with no wool there is reduced risk of fly attack and minimal prevention required. 
We have a high health status on the farm being M.V Accredited and Scrapie Monitored across all the flocks this has helped us previously to export genetics (Live & semen) to Europe, America and New Zealand.