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Lacuna Space – Low cost, low power satellite connectivity for IoT

Digital transformation continues to march forwards with “quantified self” and home-automation in our personal lives, and industrial-automation under the banner of Industry4.0. By connecting all the “things” to the internet, we allow “Big Data” with “Machine Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence” to optimise the world around us, to create new revenue streams, to bring efficiencies to existing processes, and to keep everything compliant.

Agriculture is no doubt an important area of Industry4.0 and so shares all the benefits of digitalisation, but has the distinct difficulty of operating in the most remote & hard to connect regions. Internet infrastructure such as cellular or fibre connectivity is very often unavailable outside of the densely populated regions of cities and transport routes. Satellite connectivity is the only choice, but is generally too expensive to apply to numerous “things” distributed across vast farms, forests and fisheries.

Lacuna Space solves this by making LoRaWAN — the most pervasive of the low power wide area (LPWA) network technologies — available everywhere via direct-to-satellite connections. No fixed infrastructure is needed and these devices can stay connected to the internet for years on AA batteries, or indefinitely when combined with solar panels. The service is analogous to sending simple SMS messages from sensors to the cloud (via satellite) at a cost as low as 1p/message when used in volume.

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