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Legume Technology

Legume Technology was established in 2000 and provides consistently high – quality effective Rhizobium products for legume crops – soybeans, lupin, Lucerne, peas among others as well as providing mycorrhizal and Bacillus based bio stimulants for crops like wheat, corn, and sunflower to increase the resistance against drought, assist with faster germination and phosphate solubilisation. 

The sterile manufacturing process is key to our success, making sure all customers receive 100% pure, sterile, and freshly made culture. 

Our high commitment to Research and Product Development is evident by our cooperation with well-known partners such as University of Oxford, John Hutton Institute and Aarhus University, coupled up with independent field trials, showcasing visible yield increases in any crop we work with.

Legume Technology has a worldwide distribution in more than 35 countries.