Arable crops


Sustainably maximising crop quality is key. At MycoNourish, we harness the power of beneficial microbes to enhance crop production, and add value for growers.

We do this with beneficial fungi, known as ‘mycorrhizae’, which work in symbiosis with crops and have the potential to enhance yields.

Unlike other products, which provide ‘one size fits all’ solutions, our exciting innovation allows us to customise new advanced strains of these fungi to pair with specific crops, and tailor them to solve the most important problem in each one.

Our technology allows us to be the first to take a personalised medicine approach to mycorrhizal fungi – translating the organism to deliver targeted, reliable, and precision solutions.

Our fungi are highly adaptable, and whilst we initially focus on improving quality in high-value crop production, we can tackle a wide range of issues from enhancing pollination and altering flowering phenology to improving resilience, in a broad range of crops.

Our customised fungi add value for growers, allowing them to sustainably increase yields, as well as providing environmental benefits, reducing synthetic inputs, and tackling the important issues of food wastage & food security.

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