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Ocean Harvest Technology Limited is the technology and manufacturing company responsible for the OceanFeed™ portfolio of branded seaweed feed ingredients. These sustainably produced feed ingredients are formulated by Ocean Harvest Technology in Vietnam and Ireland and offer many benefits for production and companion animals. Using OceanFeed™ products can help animals perform better in a natural way because the feed ingredients are derived from a natural, non synthetic source. OceanFeed™ has been shown to support reduction of antibiotics and other synthetic feed ingredients.

The proprietary formulae of the OceanFeed™ branded products combine multiple species of brown, green and red macroalgae (seaweed) specially selected for their benefits, including the support of a positive immune response and a healthy gut.

OceanFeed™ seaweed products are specifically blended to support the nutrient needs of cattle, pigs, poultry, horses, salmon, shrimp, and pets. Clients have testified to the observed benefits of OceanFeed™ products including their ability to support and maintain a healthy immune system, which allows producers to reduce their use of synthetic feed additives and treat their animals more humanely while increasing farm profits.