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OPTIfarm is a 24/7 remote observation service for the poultry supply chain, the only one of its kind. OPTIfarm has a team of monitoring experts using advanced software and data analytics to provide full status reports every 90 minutes.

At OPTIfarm we have put the world’s best technical knowledge for a farmed species into a smart decision tree software platform. We can then assess and inform in real-time the situation whilst recording all of our observations in a unique data set. We then analyse this data to create unique insights driving productivity and validating welfare.

Today data and software solutions used in livestock production can indicate an issue but this does not explain why the issues arose and it doesn’t necessarily engage with the staff on the farms who need to act if changes are to be made.
In addition, there is a growing need to validate a farmed animal’s welfare and this cannot be met by sensor data and software alone due to the complex nature of animal welfare.
Add to this that farmed animals can only be supervised by the farmers themselves when they are physically with them, we discovered that for long periods these animals are not being supervised and are only protected by basic alarms at best.